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Slim and fit in 35 minutes

Milon is 'fitness new style'. Faster, safer and more effective. Ideal, even if you don't like sports or have little time. Come and try it out without obligation!

Milon is the unique concept where you complete a full workout in 35 minutes. How is that possible? Read more.
Milon works via a personal pass with which the devices automatically adapt to your saved settings and level.
More effective
The efficient setup and state-of-the-art techniques make a Milon training one of the most effective workouts imaginable.

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You want to feel more comfortable by exercising more. Having fun exercising is the key to health and quality of life.
Are you going for muscle mass or endurance? The trainers at Essink help you to achieve optimal results.
Your figure is important to you. Targeted training will help you lose weight and take the road to a more beautiful body.
You are in the center of life and would like to keep it that way. Optimally dosed training has a positive effect on your vitality and ensures an improved quality of life. Here the foundation is laid for a healthy and painless life in old age.
Strengthening the back muscles is very important. With regular back training you avoid most back complaints and your body stays in shape.
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Fitness at Essink in Eindhoven

When you train at Essink you will receive professional guidance from experienced coaches who, in addition to technical knowledge, also know how to motivate you. This way the chance is much greater that you will achieve your goals and can keep them.

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Pixformance Essink Eindhoven

Personal training for everyone!

Pixformance Circuit guides you in the correct execution of your workout. You will achieve your best result through the motivational guidance. Your coach selects exercises that are suitable for you. These exercises change regularly, so that exercising remains challenging, fun and effective!

In person
Pixformance is the closest thing to Personal Training. At the start, a tailor-made plan is made according to your goals and level.
Just like with personal Training, it is more difficult to cut corners at Pixformance. The devices control your movements and count your repetitions. So we go for real results!
Pixformance gives a workout with a lot of variation and fun exercises. You alternate strength and cardio with exercises to your liking, for example to improve your flexibility or balance.

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Result plan

Your coach for a better result!

This is the intensive coaching plan by the coaches at Essink and is strongly advised to novice athletes or those who want to get the most out of their training. The training methods such as the Milon Circle and the Pixformance Circuit are exclusive to the result plan. Together with your trainer you decide which method suits you best. This can be the Milon, Pix, or regular fitness, a combination is also possible.

With regular training appointments, and especially in the first weeks extra intensive guidance, this plan is guaranteed to help you on your way.

Het resultaatplan is optioneel voor fitness bij Essink Sportcentrum.

group lessons

24 different group activities

At Essink Sports Center in the Genneper Parken you can participate in 24 different group lessons and thus around 110 activities per week. Do you want to work on your figure, for example, join Total Workout. You burn the most calories Body Attack or Indoor Cycling, for a strong body you do Body Pump or Small Group Training. Read on for a complete overview of all group lessons and the class schedule.

The group lessons at Essink are given by passionate instructors. They know how to motivate you and the rest of the group. This way you achieve more than you expected.
An instructor will always help you perform the exercise to the best of your ability. Are you participating for the first time? Indicate this so that you get extra tips to participate properly.
Participating in a group lesson is great fun. Due to the good music, team spirit and variation, the minutes fly by while you burn calories at a breakneck pace.

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Ideal for parents: exercise yourself at Essink while taking good care of your child (ren). In the cozy playroom of Essink Sportcentrum Genneper Parken, children (0 to 4 years) of sporting parents are very welcome. There is always guidance available here.

Childcare is open on:

mom. up to and including so. 08:45 – 11:45 o'clock

Je kunt kiezen voor een abonnement a €10,95 per 4 weken (up to 4 years) of €3,- per keer.

kinderopvang sportschool fitness Eindhoven Essink

Boxing fit


You must have noticed that boxing is the sport trend of our time. You can play recreational boxing at Essink sports center in the Genneper Parken. In addition to a lot of fun, you will work this class on your coordination, strength and fitness. A very varied and complete workout. We also provide bag training.

A boxing workout is not complete without a hard cardio workout. Are you ready for this drill?
Work on your hand-eye coordination through a wide variety of exercises. Sometimes against a bag, sometimes in the air, sometimes against a held pad.
Self defense
It's always good to have some self-defense skills in your pocket. Do you know how to act in an emergency?
Ladies only class
On Wednesday morning we hold a special ladies only class, our other classes are mixed.

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Personal Training

Essink biedt de mogelijkheid tot Persoonlijke Training van één van onze enthousiaste en kundige trainers. Wil jij één op één begeleiding en iemand die jou kracht geeft om door te zetten? informeer naar de mogelijkheden tijdens een vrijblijvende kennismaking op de club.



Do you want to become more flexible or wonderfully relieved? Then yoga might be for you. High-quality yoga classes are given at Essink Sports Center. Read on to see our full range.

Muscles and joints
With yoga you loosen your muscles and joints. This is often an eye opener for beginning yogis.
Different types of yoga
Essink offers many different forms of yoga. So there is always something that suits you.
East West
Many of our yoga forms combine the art of yoga from the east with the practical core workout benefits from the west.

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