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Go on a carefree holiday if you know that your child can manage in a swimming pool or open water. What could be more fun than water fun with the family or friends? Swimming lessons from 4 years at Essink in Eindhoven ensure a life full of swimming fun.

Did you know that you can try out swimming lessons at Essink for one month?

Try it for a month first?

A trial lesson often doesn't say much, because every first time is exciting. That is why you can try swimming lessons for a month at Essink Eindhoven. After the month you take stock of whether you continue or whether it stays with that one month. Click here to sign up

Swimming lessons Eindhoven

De laatste 45 jaar heeft Essink Sportcentrum in Eindhoven reeds 15.000 zwemdiploma’s mogen uitreiken. Wij geven zwemles aan kleine groepjes in een overzichtelijk bad. Omdat een ervaren zwemonderwijzer met de kinderen in het water gaat wordt er doelgericht lesgegeven. Door deze persoonlijke benadering hebben onze zwemlessen veel succes.

Onze overtuigingen hebben zich vertaald in een methodiek die optimaal aansluit bij de manier waarop jonge kinderen leren, zowel vanuit motorisch als vanuit pedagogisch oogpunt. Een EasySwim Pro pakje is daarom verplicht voor ABC zwemmen bij Essink en kan voor 64,95 bij ons gekocht worden. 

Essink Sports Center has developed a unique 8-step plan for swimming lessons in which fun, variety and safety are central. The children receive a reward for each step. This makes the children very happy to go to swimming lessons.

Dolphin 8 step plan

The dolphin step-by-step plan consists of 8 steps (8 puzzle pieces of a dolphin) on the way to the swimming certificate. If your child performs certain techniques well during the lesson, he or she will receive a puzzle piece of a dolphin as a reward. When the dolphin is complete, your child is ready to go for a swim in the deep pool (where one often obtains the A diploma within 4 weeks).

a. Jump into the water from the shore, submerging the head.

b. Blowing bubbles in the water.

c. Climbing independently out of the water onto the shore.

a. Float on the stomach with the face in the water and splash with the legs. The legs are stretched and splash continuously.

b. Float on your back and splash your legs. The legs are stretched and splash continuously.

a. Correct kick of the breaststroke, along the length of the pool.

b. Correct leg stroke of the backstroke, along the length of the pool.

a. Correct combination of breaststroke, with expulsion moment, over the length of the pool.

b. Correct backstroke, with expelling torque, along the length of the pool.

c. Water stairs.

a. Combination breaststroke with expulsion moment.

b. Backstroke with expulsion moment.

c. Dive

a. 5 meter (beginner) front crawl, in which the legs are continuous.

b. 5 meter (beginner) back crawl, where the legs are continuous.

a. Combination breaststroke with an expulsion moment, along the length of the bath.

b. Backstroke with an expulsion moment, along the length of the pool, with the arms still in the water.

c. Water stairs.

a. Swim through a hole 3 meters under water, without coming above water.

b. 5 seconds float belly (asterisk) with twist.

c. 10 seconds float back (asterisk) with twist.

d. 5 meter (beginner) front crawl, where the legs are continuous.

e. 5 meter (beginner) back crawl, where the legs are continuous.

f. Dressed breaststroke + backstroke swim the length of the pool.

We offer the one and only Swimming Lessons ABC diploma

Essink swimming school in Eindhoven only works with qualified instructors to guarantee the safety and quality of the lessons. We also find it very important that our instructors have good social skills and can interact with young children in a fun way. In addition to educational, swimming lessons should also be fun.


Quality, fun and safety

In the Netherlands, anyone can offer swimming lessons and issue a swimming diploma. This is not legally regulated. Unfortunately, the different swimming certificates do not always lead to the same National Swimming Safety Standard.

However, we have the National Swimming Diplomas License and are independently tested every year by the National Swimming Safety Council (formerly National Platform Swimming Pools | NRZ). As a parent, you can be sure that the swimming lessons and the swimming certificate meet the most recent quality criteria and you lay the foundation for a lifetime of swimming pleasure and safety.

This gives you as a parent / carer 4 guarantees:

1. Certified and qualified swimming instructors

So that your child is in safe hands and enjoys swimming lessons. For example, the swimming teachers work according to the Swimming Industry Code of Conduct, have a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and continue to receive training.

2. Officially recognized swimming diploma

Your child will receive the National Swimming Diplomas A, B and C. By obtaining the National Swimming Diploma C, your child meets the National Swimming Safety Standard. These official diplomas are recognized, for example, by fire brigades, police and sports training courses for the exercise of various professions.

3. A clearly described method

The swimming lesson provider uses a clearly described swimming lesson method, so that you can determine which provider best suits your child. During the swimming lesson you as a parent will also be kept well informed of the progress of your child.

4. Good quality

A constant quality of the swimming lesson provider, guaranteed by an independent annual check and test moments during diploma swimming.

So: choose consciously and go for certainty.

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Costs ABC swimming lessons Eindhoven from 4 years

The start-up costs and the pro-rata settlement until the first of the month are paid via iDeal at online registration. After that, the monthly contribution will be debited by automatic debit.

Het dragen van een EasySwim Pro zwempakje is verplicht en kan bij de receptie gekocht worden (mag ook elders).

The ideal time no longer available?

As soon as a place becomes available at Essink Swimming Lessons Eindhoven, it can be seen via our online sign up tool. So keep a close eye on this. You can also sign up for our weekly update mail. You will receive an email every Thursday with an overview of the available places. It is then up to the person who responds first to book a place in the class.

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