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Looking for a gym with fitness in Eindhoven? Schedule a free, no-obligation visit to Essink Sportcentrum here. We'd love to see what we can do for you.

Fitness Sportschool Eindhoven Essink


Milon is 'fitness new style'. Faster, safer and more effective. Ideal, even if you don't like sports

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Fitness Sportschool Eindhoven Essink


The alternative to Personal Training in Eindhoven Pixformance Circuit guides you in the correct execution of you

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You set the pace

Essink teaches more than 100 group activities weekly, from high-intensity Body Attack to gentle Easy Flow Yoga. Are you more into individual fitness? Our atmospheric gym is not massive, just geared to provide a pleasant workout for anyone of any skill level. With the high-tech Milon Circle Get results faster than ever with only 35 minutes per workout.

Boksen Eindhoven Essink fitness boksschool boks boksfit


Boksfit For men and women who are looking for a challenge. Essink in Eindhoven offers recreational boxing involving technique

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Popular Stories

Essink Sportcentrum Milon Fitness sportschool Eindhoven

'The most effective training method'

There is a Milon Circle in both Essink clubs. What exactly is this, and why is it called the most effective way to get fitter? In this article we explain the strength of the Milon concept and why Essink chooses to work with the Milon equipment and the accompanying guidance process.

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5 Tips to keep exercising in the winter

In winter it can sometimes be difficult to maintain motivation for exercise. It is cold, dark quickly, and you prefer to sit comfortably warm on the couch in the evening. Nevertheless, exercising is very good to prevent a winter dip! Here are 5 tips to get through the winter nice and fit!

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KidsClub with guidance

Childcare at Essink Sports Center in the Genneper Parken is open on working days and weekends. Fathers and mothers can enjoy sports while the kids are entertained.

Fitness Team Essink

Mike Bauman

Ik ben Mike Bauman uit Eindhoven en ik ben vanaf 2015 werkzaam bij Essink Sportcentrum, als fitnessmanager / groepsfitness-coordinator en personal trainer.  Ik ben al meer dan 15 jaar werkzaam als fitnessmanager op verschillende sportcentra in Eindhoven, en ook als personal trainer zit ik meer dan 10 jaar in het vak. Mijn visie is dat iedereen recht heeft op goede begeleiding en dat is gelukkig ook de filosofie van Essink Sportcentrum.

Daan Hazeleger

Ik ben Daan Hazeleger en kom uit Eindhoven. Ik ben bij Essink begonnen als stagiaire waar ik veel heb geleerd van mijn collega’s. nu ben ik vanaf 2017  met heel veel plezier werkzaam bij Essink. Zelf werk ik als fitness instructeur en personal trainer binnen Essink. Als u vragen heeft over trainingsschema’s of vragen daarbuiten help ik u graag waar ik kan.

Wouter de Kramer

Hello, my name is Wouter de Kramer. Since 2014 I have been active on the fitness floor as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I think it is important that everyone at Essink is guided in a professional manner towards his / her goal. So for questions and advice about training, do not hesitate to contact me.

A fully automatic system where your personal pass adjusts all machines to your body size and level. Easy right?

Why do people choose Milon at Essink?



Essink employs expert, qualified and above all fun trainers. They are interested in you and find it important that you stay motivated and reach your goal.


Result program

In addition to the excellent equipment, you follow the proven results program at Essink. This is a tailor-made plan, depending on your sporting goals. With the recurring consultation appointments a good 'big stick' and an inexpensive alternative to personal training.



You go to your sports club more often if the atmosphere is good. Employees at Essink do their best to make you feel at home and are happy to have a chat if desired. Essink has a loyal group of members who have enjoyed sports for years.

Maak kennis met de Milon Cirkel

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