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Personal guidance that you feel comfortable with.

Op zoek naar een sportschool met fitness in Eindhoven? Plan hier gratis en vrijblijvend een bezoek aan Essink Sportcentrum. We graag zien wat we voor jou kunnen betekenen.

Fitness Sportschool Eindhoven Essink


Milon is 'fitness new style'. Faster, safer and more effective. Ideal, even if you don't like sports

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Fitness Sportschool Eindhoven Essink


The alternative to Personal Training in Eindhoven Pixformance Circuit guides you in the correct execution of you

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You set the pace

Essink geeft wekelijks meer dan 100 groepsactiviteiten, van een high-intensity Body Attack tot een rustige Easy Flow Yoga. Ben je meer van individueel fitness? Onze sfeervolle fitnessruimte is niet massaal, juist gericht om iedereen van elk niveau prettig te trainen. Met de high-tech Milon Circle behaal je sneller resultaat dan ooit, dit met slechts 35 minuten per training.

Boksen Eindhoven Essink fitness boksschool boks boksfit


Boksfit For men and women who are looking for a challenge. Essink in Eindhoven offers recreational boxing involving technique

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Popular Stories

Essink Sportcentrum Milon Fitness sportschool Eindhoven

'The most effective training method'

There is a Milon Circle in both Essink clubs. What exactly is this, and why is it called the most effective way to get fitter? In this article we explain the strength of the Milon concept and why Essink chooses to work with the Milon equipment and the accompanying guidance process.

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Essink City Gym Fitness Eindhoven Sportschool Afvallen

Kim van Essink City Gym: 'We have the appearance of a neighborhood baker'

Two years ago, Essink Sport opened a second, smaller location in the center of Eindhoven, next to the gym in Stratum: Essink City Gym. “People who come here to exercise often have little time,” says club manager Patsy de Quillettes. “Sports should actually be able to pass between the companies. You don't have to come and do long sports sessions here. 35 minutes is enough ”.

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KidsClub with guidance

Childcare at Essink Sports Center in the Genneper Parken is open on working days and weekends. Fathers and mothers can enjoy sports while the kids are entertained.

They preceded you

Au Drey

Great atmosphere for everyone regardless of your fitness level. Trainers are super helpful - they keep this middle-aged flabby woman motivated to keep coming back at any rate. It's never too late to get your bum off the sofa -

Ingrid Verhulst

Great atmosphere, friendly, good guidance, fun group lessons and you are making progress !!

Fitness Team Essink

Ruud Tiersma

Hello, my name is Ruud Tiersma. I have been a fitness trainer for 35 years, 29 of which at Essink. I was one of the first to obtain the state-recognized fitness trainer diploma. Later followed by various further training courses, including in the field of nutrition, counseling and coaching.

Mike Bauman

I am Mike Bauman 34 years old from Eindhoven and I have been working at Essink Sportcentrum since 2015, as a fitness manager / group fitness coordinator and personal trainer. I have been working as a fitness manager at various sports centers in Eindhoven for almost 15 years, and I have also been in the business as a personal trainer for almost 10 years. My vision is that everyone is entitled to good guidance and fortunately that is also the philosophy of Essink Sports Center.

Wouter de Kramer

Hello, my name is Wouter de Kramer. Since 2014 I have been active on the fitness floor as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I think it is important that everyone at Essink is guided in a professional manner towards his / her goal. So for questions and advice about training, do not hesitate to contact me.

Daan Hazeleger

I am Daan Hazeleger 22 years old and I come from Eindhoven. I started at Essink as an intern where I learned a lot from my colleagues. now I have been working at Essink with great pleasure since 2017. I myself work as a fitness instructor and swimming teacher at essink and I would like to grow into a personal trainer. If you have any questions about training schedules or questions beyond that, I am happy to help you where I can.

A fully automatic system where your personal pass adjusts all machines to your body size and level. Easy right?

Why do people choose Milon at Essink?



Essink employs expert, qualified and above all fun trainers. They are interested in you and find it important that you stay motivated and reach your goal.


Result program

In addition to the excellent equipment, you follow the proven results program at Essink. This is a tailor-made plan, depending on your sporting goals. With the recurring consultation appointments a good 'big stick' and an inexpensive alternative to personal training.



You go to your sports club more often if the atmosphere is good. Employees at Essink do their best to make you feel at home and are happy to have a chat if desired. Essink has a loyal group of members who have enjoyed sports for years.

Maak kennis met de Milon Cirkel

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