Essink Sports Center has the largest range of group lessons in the region, so there is always something that suits you. We put the classes in 7 categories to help you find your favorite workout.


The Core Workout provides an all-round training of your full body with emphasis on your trunk, buttocks and legs. You work with light hand weights or only with your own body weight. The classes are designed for 'shaping' your body and working on your fitness.


Join a Strenght Workout if you want to build strength. Both men and women who are not afraid of muscle pain participate in the lessons. Continue to stimulate your muscles so that they give a more beautiful figure and also become real calorie eaters!


Cardio is pushing your limits, whatever your limit. Learn to control your heart rate during heavy exertion and improve your stamina. This really gives you energy! Get addicted to Indoor Cycling or the crazy Body Attack classes.

Body & Mind

Inner peace is central to all Body & Mind lessons. One lesson goes into this a bit more than the other because flexibility is also being worked on. We have many options for beginners in this area. Read the differences between the 5 Body & Mind lessons and discover your favorite.


With recreational Boxing, Combat and Tae-Bo you work on your strength, endurance and self-defense. It is for men and women who are looking for a challenge and who like a nice tough lesson. Having a lot of fun is always central.


Have fun and work on your health at the same time? You will find this win-win situation in the Dance lessons at Essink. Dance to latin beats with Zumba or EDM, Hip-Hop, Drum 'n' Bass and Trapp with Body Jam. Every lesson is a party!


Essink Sports Center has a nice small-scale swimming pool where we also give Aqua lessons. We know two levels in this; the Shape and the somewhat more intensive Aqua Power. When there is no teaching, the pool is freely available to swim laps.

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Total Workout X-co Eindhoven

Total Workout

Varied lesson with an emphasis on fitness and strength. With the help of steps, dyna-bands and hand weights you are busy with endurance and strengthening muscles.

* HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training combines strength and cardio. Higher intensity improves strength, endurance and speed. Moreover, you burn so many calories!

50+ groepsles Eindhoven ouderen fitness

Body Shape 55+

Keep your body fit! This is a low impact class, also suitable for people of a higher age. The lesson has no steps or jumps, the emphasis is on strengthening the important muscle groups. With the help of tubes, hand weights or your own body weight, the resistance on the muscles is increased to make your body stronger.

LesMills Body Pump Eindhoven Groepslessen Essink

Body Pump

LesMills BodyPump is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This program challenges all of your major muscle groups using the best strength exercises. Great music, professional instructors and your own weight choice inspire you to get the results you want - and fast! The class is renewed every 3 months with new music and new choreography.

If you are participating for the first time, indicate this to the instructor or instructor.

functional fitness Eindhoven Essink groepsles groepsfitness

Small Group Training OUTDOOR

Small Group fitness training is the revolutionary training program that makes sports exciting, challenging, motivating and above all fun for everyone! Under the guidance of an enthusiastic instructor, you will work in groups on your strength, endurance, stability, speed and flexibility. A group training lasts 55 min.

Indoor Cycling Spinning Eindhoven Essink Groepsles

Indoor Cycling

You cycle to the rhythm of powerful music. Take to the trail with your inspiring instructor who will ensure that you push, push and conquer your boundaries every lesson. In addition to fat burning, you are also working on improving your fitness. With the Activio system you keep control over your heart rate so that you can reach your goals safely and efficiently.

* Sunday 10:00 am extra lesson Nov to April

LesMills Body Attack Eindhoven Essink Groepsles

Body Attack

BodyAttack is an intense group class with movements for beginners and advanced. We combine athletic movements with strength, so that you train your entire body. The instructor will guide you through the workout and motivate you if you need it. BodyAttack challenges you in a positive way and you achieve results quickly. Bet you will get addicted?

easy flow yoga beginners Essink Eindhoven Groepsles

Easy Flow Yoga

A very calm yoga style, also called Hatha yoga. Characteristic is the soft and freer approach to the postures. Classes are more relaxing due to alternation of dynamic-static postures. This limits the load, which is nice for beginners. The focus is on continuous movement and soft 'flow'.

yin yoga Eindhoven Essink groepsles

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is the counterpart of Power Yoga: instead of contracting muscles, you learn to relax muscles, so that you reach the deeper connective tissue. Because you remain in a position for a long time (2 - 5 minutes), the connective tissue is stretched. You also become more aware of thoughts, feelings, sensations and you work towards acceptance. Yin Yoga has a meditative and calming effect.

Body Balance Eindhoven Essink Groepsles Yoga

Body Balance

At LesMills BodyBalance you can enjoy movements from yoga, tai chi and pilates. It is your personal time out from everyday life and ensures a healthy mind and body. You do simple and safe yoga movements to make your body stronger and more flexible. Controlling breathing is part of all movements and the instructor provides options for novice participants.

Pilates Eindhoven Essink Groepsles Yogalates


Takes the best of both East and West by combining the art of Yoga from the East with the figure-enhancing Pilates exercises from the West. The strength lies in the simplicity and the combinations of the movements. The lesson mainly consists of floor exercises for stomach, buttocks, legs, back and arms. You improve your posture by developing more control over your muscles.

Power Yoga Essink Eindhoven Groepsles

Easy Kundalini Yoga

Boksen Boks-fit Eindhoven Essink Groepsles recreatief

Boxing - fit

Boksfit is for men and women who are looking for a challenge. We offer recreational boxing where technique and fitness are important pillars (no competitive sport). Effective for strength, conditioning and self defense.

Times indicated with * take place in the Kanunnikensven 1 sports hall (extension of the Heezerweg, Stratum)

Friday morning: 10:00 (we will start this lesson per 1-9-2022 if there is sufficient interest)

Combat Tae Bo Eindhoven Essink

Combat / Tae-Bo

Cool high-energy workout, inspired by oriental martial arts with movements from karate, taekwondo, kung fu, kickboxing and tai chi. In no time you will get in great shape and get stronger. You fight against an imaginary opponent and you do not make difficult moves. Stress and tension dissolve like snow in the sun and at the end you will feel like a real champion! Monday is Combat, Thursday is Combat class combined with Tea-Bo

Zumba Eindhoven Essink Groepsles


Zumba is a workout with dance steps to Latin music. The class is easy to follow, no complicated dance steps and therefore suitable for everyone. The cheerful salsa, merengue, flamenco and even hip-hop music make every class a party. It makes you happy and in the meantime you also work off the necessary pounds!

Body Jam Eindhoven Essink Groepsles dansen

Body Jam

LesMills BodyJam consists of a great mix of music, culture and dance. It's cardio fun at its best for anyone who likes to dance and move. BodyJam consists of: Dance, Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass and Trap. The program is made up of blocks and each phase ends with a complete dance where you can go completely out of your way. An addictive mix of the latest dance styles to the coolest music.

Friday Night incl free drink afterwards ­čÖé

aquarobics aqua aerobic Eindhiven Essink Groepsles Zwembad

Aqua Shape / Power

Lessons focus on improving strength and endurance. The resistance of the water and the exercises provide a total training of the body. Due to the upward pressure of the water, the exercises are less stressful for the joints. This does not mean that the lessons are less demanding. It is an active class to improve your fitness. Ladies only

Babyzwemmen baby zwemmen Eindhoven Essink

Baby swimming

With pleasure and habituation to the water, baby swimming improves the motor skills and balance of your child. With a water temperature of 32┬║C and small groups, the conditions are ideal. When your baby is 7 weeks old, you can already start (up to approx. 2 years). You enter the water yourself with your baby. The baby wears a swimming diaper while swimming, these are available from us for a small fee.