Judo Jiu-Jitsu & Aikido in Eindhoven

  • Judo: ideal for body development for growing children. The basic forms of moving, pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting and rolling are exercises that make judo sports versatile and intensive. Ultimately, so also for adults, many opportunities for competition judokas who want to continue and for judokas who want to get a black belt or higher. Read more about judo for youth
  • Jiujitsu: the mother of many Japanese martial arts. Jiujitsu is aimed at putting an opponent out of action and thus rendering harmless. They learn to defend effectively by using the weak and vulnerable areas of the attacker. A jiujitsuka uses, among other things, throws, clamps, grips, punches and kicks, making jiujitsu the ideal self-defense method.
  • Aikido: a modern martial art in which the power of the attack is used as a basis for the defense and can be practiced from 15 years. Aikido is called the most complete budo, because it has technical relationships with all budo forms. In aikido, besides practicing defense techniques against unarmed attackers, attention is also paid to learning how to deal with the traditional practice weapons of the samurai: the stick (jo) and the wooden sword (bokken).
Judo Essink Eindhoven

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