Judo means 'gentle way' and is originally a Japanese self-defense art that was designed around 1882 by Jigoro Kano. For growing children, judo is particularly suitable as body development, you learn playfully against it, defend yourself and can fall well. When you have judged as a child you gain experiences that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

You learn to work together through Judo

In judo you learn to use the power of the opponent to bring it down. Participants learn to respect themselves and others. When practicing judo you learn to work together to acquire skills. After all, you cannot learn the sport without an opponent to compete in; one throws himself and is thrown in turn. This view of collaborative learning is also valid in other areas of life. 

In addition to practicing, there is a lot of fun in class and we play a lot of games with the young groups.

Ultimately, including adults, Essink in Eindhoven offers many opportunities for those who want to get a black belt or participate in competitions.

Judo tapes and exams

When you progress you can take the exam for a higher band. These exams are taken at the club. For a higher band you have to work hard, you gain experience in the lessons and possibly in competitions. Fun in sport and respect for each other is always central here.

Essink Sports Center in Eindhoven gives Judo to children from 5 years.

2 locations in Eindhoven

  • Essink Sportcentrum, Toon Schroderlaan 2 (Genneper Parken, Stratum)
  • De Waghemakersstraat 1 (Woensel)
Judo Eindhoven Essink

All children can participate in Judo in Eindhoven!