Do you know that? Such a gym full of iron in which you have to find your own way. With Milon, your own membership card is enough. This ensures that each of the 8 machines is precisely tailored to you and automatically adjusts itself. This way you don't waste unnecessary time and you can complete your training quickly and easily.

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of the time

Work, family, social obligations. We are all very busy. So although we know that exercise is a must, it doesn't always happen. Then it is good to know that with the Milon Circle you can do a complete workout in just 35 minutes!

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Milon is 30% more effective than traditional devices. The most effective way to strengthen your body and increase combustion. Due to the efficient set-up and advanced machines, the Milon achieves on average more results with less effort.

Our service guarantees

The benefits of Milon

You train on the unique Milon Circle

Muscle strengthening and fitness improvement in just 35 minutes on fully automatic devices that register every step and therefore guide you perfectly towards an optimal result. Fast, safe and effective!

You experience personal training from our coaches

Although you train on the safest and most efficient equipment, your coach is there to assist, correct and motivate you. Our coaches provide personal training for everyone. They ensure that you train well and step outside with a satisfied smile and a satisfied feeling.

Your own individual tailor-made program

We always adapt the training to your personal capabilities. We ensure that you achieve your goals with a training program full of variety and challenges. 

Milon at Essink

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Essink Sports Center offers Milon training in the proven result plan; a big stick to achieve real results.

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