Physiotherapy at Essink in Eindhoven

Practice for physiotherapy and osteopathy We Care Health works together with Essink Sportcentrum to get people to exercise in a healthy and responsible way. Unfortunately, an active lifestyle also sometimes brings complaints. With our experiences in sport and a wide network of specialists, we try to get you back to the old level as quickly as possible. Recognizing and acting appropriately in the event of aches and pains is part of a responsible sports mentality. Preventing serious injuries starts with a quick diagnosis and advice on how to handle the complaints.
If physical complaints arise during exercise or in other cases, Essink offers the possibility of a free consultation with our in-house Physical Practice. Please contact We Care Health at Essink Sportcentrum via the contact details below. During the consultation, the complaints are evaluated free of charge and advice is given regarding the sports load.
T. 040 - 251.98.68