Work towards your ideal weight with nutrition coaching

We recently informed you that Essink has been closed for the time being because of the coronavirus. Obviously, we find that very unfortunate. On the other hand, we want to do everything we can to keep you, our other members and our team safe.

That does not alter the fact that we are there for you. We also help you to work on your health and lifestyle from a distance. In this edition of our newsletter, we therefore introduce you to SLIMdiet. With this fine method you work in a pleasant way on a healthy diet. Just at home. And all under expert online guidance from our colleague Denise.

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Nutrition coaching is also possible if you are not a member of Essink Sports Center.

What is SLIMdiet?

With SLIMdiet you work smartly towards a healthy diet and the right BMI. The secret? Personal, online guidance. And almost forty different dishes. SLIMdiet's dishes are low in carbohydrates and packed with protein. So you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen or spend money on expensive superfoods. SLIMdiet keeps it nice and simple.

In 4 steps to a healthy weight that suits you.

With SLIMdiet you work towards a healthy weight at home. You do this on the basis of a simple step-by-step plan. You follow those steps at your own pace and with your own goal in mind. Denise guides you personally in this. We use an online platform for this, so you know exactly how long you have been working and what to do. Your ideal weight is within reach!

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Your favorite gym is closed for a while and you will be home a lot for the time being. Do you want to make the best of the situation and work on your weight in a fun way? Then schedule an appointment for a telephone intake. During this conversation you will hear exactly how SLIMdiet works and you can ask all your questions. You draw up a personal plan together with Denise. Can you agree with the plan? Then we get to work. The dishes are easy to order online and are delivered super-fast. Denise is supervised by telephone and online. 

Make an appointment directly for a telephone intake via the contact form at the top.

Taste it yourself (with discount)

Of course you want to taste the concept. The assortment box contains the best dishes from SLIMdiet. You order it until April 6 with a 25% discount.  

Knowing more?

Have you become curious? Then study SLIMdiet or sign up for an intake. On the SLIMdiet website ( you can read all about their approach.

Stay safe. Stay fit.

Team Essink

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