5 tips to keep exercising in the winter! ?? In the winter it can sometimes be difficult to maintain motivation for exercising. It is cold, quickly dark, and you prefer to sit comfortably on the couch in the evenings? Nevertheless, exercising is really good to prevent a winter dip! 1. Change your routine? Doing exactly the same thing every time can get pretty boring. Join another group lesson or ask our trainers for some inspiration in terms of exercises. They are happy to help you! 2. Find a sports buddy????‍♀️ If you notice that your motivation is starting to drop, it can help to stay in shape with a friend and still give each other a helping hand. 3. Set a goal. Giving yourself a goal that you can work towards gives you direction and motivation. ↗️ For example, do you want to participate in an obstacle run or other sporting event? Then it helps to see what it takes to achieve that goal✅. Even if you want to lose weight or just want to feel good about yourself. In the end you get the satisfaction out of the small steps you make in the path towards it. 4. Download an app?. There are enough apps that can help you with your goal! For example, they can help you with all kinds of different exercises, from yoga and stretch exercises to cardio and strength. You can also keep track of your results with an app, which often has an extra motivating effect. Examples are MyFitnessPall, Sworkit, Fitness Buddy and RunKeeper. 5. Keep track of your progression?. If you find yourself making progress and getting closer to your goal, you will feel fitter and more energetic both mentally and physically. Don't be too strict on yourself and be realistic. Balance is key? Success! #fitness #health #winterdip #eindhoven

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