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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga consists of postures and exercises in which all muscles in the body are used. The exercises are aimed at making you aware of the tension in the body. The tension in the body is released and released by the conscious use of breathing. As the breathing becomes calmer and more relaxed, the muscles also relax better and better. The exercises are therefore gradually getting better. This lesson is suitable for all levels. (lesson lasts 75 minutes)

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is aimed at strengthening and relaxing connective tissue and joints. In Yin Yoga, positions are held longer, so you have more time to explore and push your limits. Hereby energy fields are released so that the lesson also provides emotional relaxation. The lesson is just so nice because you don't have to move very intensively, but you can take time for your body. This class is suitable for all levels, also good for starting yogis. (lesson lasts 75 minutes)

Mindful Yoga

This form of yoga is about taking good care of yourself! Move in the breath stream and respect your limits. Relaxed work with focusing attention on breathing, where you let the body be your teacher (by not forcing). It strengthens both posture and fitness, flexibility and strength. After an hour you get into the day fresh and energetic and continue to get well-rested and relaxed. A side effect is that the yoga exercises help you to relax more in daily life. (lesson lasts 75 minutes)


Pilates ensures balanced development of all muscle groups. Regular exercise will improve your posture, sit down and move more smoothly. Another important advantage is that you improve the circulation and capacity of the lungs through a deep and healthy way of breathing. Furthermore, the abdomen and back muscles are strengthened, which is good for posture, balance and control over the body. (lesson lasts 60 minutes)

Yin yang yoga

A Yin Yang lesson focuses on relaxing and strengthening connective tissue and joints. Hereby you will be physically challenged and you will fully relax. Whereas with other yoga forms it is often about actively contracting muscles, with Yin yoga the intention is to let go of muscles as much as possible. The postures are held longer than with regular yoga. The Yin part focuses on sitting postures. The Yang part is a bit more active, here too we hold the postures for longer, paying attention to both alignment and breathing. (lesson lasts 75 minutes)

Hatha Allignment

Hatha Alignment is a hatha yoga class where much attention is paid to the alignment of a body and the proper execution of the postures. Tools are therefore regularly deployed to relieve the body from tension. Proper alignment is only possible if you can move freely without tension. Stress, tension or life habits cause posture problems and / or back problems that are worked on in this lesson. Hatha postures are also performed that are regularly elaborated and aligned, taking into account the anatomy of a body. (lesson lasts 75 minutes)

Easy Flow Yoga

Easy Flow Yoga is a very calm yoga style that is derived from the Ashtanga yoga form. Characteristic of Easy Flow Yoga is the soft and freer approach to the postures. The lessons are more relaxing due to the alternation of dynamic and static postures. As a result, the burden on your body is limited and the lessons are great for beginners and advanced students. Central to the lesson is the continuous movement from one yoga posture to the next in a calm and gentle flow, supported by your breathing. (lesson lasts 75 minutes)

Yoga Dance

Yoga Dance is for everyone who experiences pleasure and relaxation in moving to music. The lesson structure and choreography have different levels. Everyone can participate at their own level and level of intensity.

It is a form of movement where the experience is central. The choice of music plays a major role in this because music can move our emotions. We use different types of music; from Classical to Popular and from New Age to Native / Folk music.

The Yoga Dance class has a structure that is comparable to dynamic yoga class in a number of respects. Each number is focused on a specific yoga aspect; breathing, different postures and movements, variation in energy levels and the game of attention, concentration and stillness. (lesson lasts 75 minutes)


Belly, Buttocks, Legs

What is BBB?

BBB stands for abdomen, buttocks, legs and is a training that is made up of strength exercises to train these three muscles. The BBB lessons are usually made up of a warm-up and a core of muscle-strengthening exercises for the abdomen, buttocks and legs. In contrast to insanity, the BBB lessons are not that high in intensity.  

There are a lot of muscles in the abdomen, buttocks and legs. To train all of these you naturally also need many exercises. BBB is therefore the perfect fitness variant to get a strong belly, buttocks and legs.

Who is BBB for?

BBB is popular with both men and women, because most men and women want to tackle these 'zones'. Everyone can participate, you ultimately determine your own training intensity. The participants can possibly do exercises with a higher intensity to make it heavier.

Everyone can participate whether you are a novice or experienced athlete

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