Belly, Buttocks, Legs

What is BBB?

BBB stands for abdomen, buttocks, legs and is a training that is made up of strength exercises to train these three muscles. The BBB lessons are usually made up of a warm-up and a core of muscle-strengthening exercises for the abdomen, buttocks and legs. In contrast to insanity, the BBB lessons are not that high in intensity.  

There are a lot of muscles in the abdomen, buttocks and legs. To train all of these you naturally also need many exercises. BBB is therefore the perfect fitness variant to get a strong belly, buttocks and legs.

Who is BBB for?

BBB is popular with both men and women, because most men and women want to tackle these 'zones'. Everyone can participate, you ultimately determine your own training intensity. The participants can possibly do exercises with a higher intensity to make it heavier.

Everyone can participate whether you are a novice or experienced athlete